Time stopped Tuesday the 8th day of September when our hero and friend, Shannon M Smith, was taken from us. Shannon did not consider himself to be special, or any type of hero, but the people whose lives he has touched considered him to be that and much more.












Shannon loved wrestling and from the age of six he pursued this sport through out his high school career.

SSG Smith was on his twelfth year serving with the US Army when his life was taken from us.















To continue to honor our hero SSG Shannon M Smith and all of our military heroes,  we have set up a foundation fund. This fund will be awarded on opposite years to the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Inc. and to the Wounded Warrior Project. The “NO FEAR” motto was built on an individuals character, consisting of courage, determination, self-less service, honor, dignity, respect and above all “NO FEAR” Thank you to all of the Operators for having no fear and for remaining brothers.

SSG Shannon M Smith

4th Annual ‘NO FEAR’ Fund  Poker Run

June 22, 2013



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